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 The largest aquatic management brand in Arizona

 Bring waterpark-quality risk prevention to your guests

 Professional staff that are on-time, every time, guaranteed

Trained with a "seven-star service" mentality

Set-and-forget service− just tell us when and where

 Extensive general liability insurance included free

BBB Accredited with an A+ rating


Spend less

 Get steep savings by sharing the cost of pool management with other well-known facilities in the area.

 All-inclusive pricing makes budgeting a breeze. Never pay for another training course, in-service, or audit again.

 No initial investments or payment plans needed.



Facility names and references are available upon request



Smarter and faster

Our cloud-based platform accelerates getting a quote, signing an agreement, and even managing your account. No more phone tag, email chains, or faxing.


Real humans behind the screen

Real people answer to your online chats, emails, and phone calls. No automated systems or unhelpful robots, ever.


It just gets better with time

We're pioneering new solutions which will allow all aquatic programs to:

  • Eliminate human error.

  • Bring emergency response times to under 1 second.

  • Provide 24/7 drowning prevention.

  • Reduce costs by 50-90%.

  • Provide lower-budget facilities with a real aquatic safety solution for the first time. Think motels and apartment complexes.


Start today and be among the first to support the development of technologies to make all pools 100% safe for the first time.

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Competent, friendly lifeguards who have more than 3x the minimum training required to receive certification.


Offer swim lessons without upfront cost and hassle. Best of all, you keep 25% of the revenue.



Certified Pool Operators (CPOs) and automated pool vacuums maintain superior water quality.

Ask about hosting our training and certification programs for additional ways to bring in revenue.


Q: Can EUVORI find enough staff for my pool in time?

A: Of course. Aquatic professionals love working for us. Our employees are treated and compensated extremely well. As such, we typically see hundreds of resumes come in within just days of posting any job listing. And if that doesn't do the trick, we can fall back on our network of the hundreds of lifeguards we certify each season to find qualified staff quickly. Whatever your time frame is, we're in a unique position to get qualified staff on short notice.



Q: Will it be a hassle to switch from my current solution to EUVORI?

A: No. We know your time is valuable, so we'll take on many of the burdens while getting your aquatic program switched to us in order to free up as much of your time as possible. We're also very flexible and can integrate temporarily into your current aquatic solution should you still be obligated to a prior solution.


Q: Will I be responsible for reprimanding employees or dealing with pool guests?

A: Never. We're self-contained and self-accountable, meaning you'll never need to intervene should things go awry. Lifeguard late due to car trouble? Our GPS-tracked employee clock-in app will let us know right away. We'll get a replacement out as soon as possible and credit any time (rounded up to the nearest half-hour) you went without the proper staff. Guest concern? Feel free to give them our card, we'll provide a solution promptly.


Q: Will my insurance accept EUVORI?

A: Yes. The certification brand we use, StarGuard ELITE (formerly Starfish Aquatics Institute) is recognized for use in every jurisdiction in the United States. With that, we're able to provide your pool with an approved aquatic safety program, including audits.


Q: What if my pool hours or service offerings change?

A: No problem. As long as we're given sufficient time, we can remove any services or times under your agreement for a credit back to your account. Adding services or times? Let us know and we'll quickly form an addendum to make sure it's included.


Q: How can I be sure it works?

A: It can be intimidating to change something, especially if you feel like it's not broken as is. We beleive once you sign your agreement, the onus is on us to ensure we're providing your guests with the best, safest experience possible. It's why we've never had a client cancel or reduce service, ever, and we'll work hard to ensure your business doesn't become the exception. You're in good hands with EUVORI.

Something else? Please give us a call at 480.429.4079, or email ClientServices@euvori.com

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