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All-Inclusive Pricing

No one likes surprise bills. With EUVORI, we keep it simple. Pay a flat rate per gallon based on how frequently you want your pool serviced, either daily or weekly. That's it.


We'll take care of chemicals, baskets, gaskets, emergency service calls, and more. To help you budget for bigger-ticket items, we'll keep you in the loop as your pool surface or equipment begins to age and even give you estimated repair or replacement costs beforehand. Once repair or replacement is needed, we're happy to provide references to other great companies that can perform the needed repairs, and even oversee the work to ensure everything is done right free of charge.


Why choose EUVORI?

Attention to detail

We believe it's the little things that make a big difference in the look and quality of pool water. While a range of pool chemistry will appear to be clear and balanced to the naked eye, we have a precise formula for what we believe makes the silkiest, shiniest, human-friendly water. For instance, we keep our client pools' pH level at the same pH found in the human eye to reduce irritated eyes while swimming.

When it comes to chemicals, we believe less is more

While other pool companies may add harsh chemicals to achieve a bright blue appearance, we believe your water (and skin) are happier without all the metals, acids, and other strong ingredients available on the market. We keep it simple wherever we can, and always notify you when a harsher chemical is needed so you can make an informed decision for your pool and family.

Superior service

✓ Each pool is signed off on by a Certified Pool Operator and a Pool Technician at each visit.

✓ We keep you in the loop by sending an email with technical data from your pool service, as well as a live picture of your pool.

✓ We use all-digital testing equipment that's precise to two decimals, meaning your water is never just acceptable, it's perfect.

✓ We use only the best equipment and highest-quality chemicals available on the market.

✓ Clients accepted in all metro-Phoenix areas


Accessibly priced

✓ All-inclusive pricing means you're only responsible for any repairs to your own pool equipment, we'll take care of the rest.

✓ Pay monthly using your preferred payment method-- credit and debit cards accepted.