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Employee Resource Center

Quick Links


Quickbooks Time

Download the Quickbooks Time app to:

  • Clock in and out

  • View your schedule

  • View time cards

  • Request time off




Visit the Gusto website to:

  • View your paystubs


Supervisor and Manager Contacts


Change Form

​Use the change form to:

  • Change work availability.

  • Change work locations.

  • Provide notice of resignation.

Update Tax Info

Use this link to update your federal and state income tax forms.

Update Payment Info

Use this link to change from check to direct deposit, add a second bank account, and more.


Time Off Guide

Follow this guide to proactively request time off (before schedules are published).

Call Out Guide

Follow this guide when you can't make a scheduled shift (after schedules are published).


Employee Handbook

Review company policies and expectations.

Time and Pay Schedule

Review the deadline to request time off and pay dates for each pay period.

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