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See why more Arizona pools trust Euvori
over any other aquatic manager


We take care of it all, from hiring to training to payroll.


Maintain in-house operations while outsourcing specialized service tasks to the industry professional.


From training your staff to assistance with hiring, we're here to help with any task your pool needs.

Arizona's Premier

Swimming Pool Manager

Euvori didn't become Arizona's largest aquatic manager by coincidence. We have grown our company by listening to and understanding our clients' specific opportunities and challenges and customizing our services around our clients' specific needs. Our successful culture, extensive risk management features, and guest-oriented approach allow us to develop the strategies and resources and enable our managed pools to excel in this competitive industry.


Get in touch today to see why Arizona's most respected resorts, clubs, homeowners associations and more all look to Euvori for aquatic management.

What's Included

We offer our lifeguard services in three distinct tiers, depending on how much or how little service is desired:


Outsource headache using Euvori’s Full-Service Lifeguard Tier. By utilizing our most comprehensive offering, clients are solely responsible for creating the pool’s operating hours; we’ll take care of the rest!


Euvori offers recruiting, training, and liability reduction services while allowing the client to retain core operations in-house. This tier is great for medium to large pools that want to maintain an in-house staff while benefiting from our extensive compliance assurance and liability reduction programs.


Services and Products are offered on an as-needed basis. This tier is best for large pools that want to retain operations almost entirely in-house.

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Service Overview & Tiers

Did you know? Federal labor law prohibits employers from allowing any staff under 16 years of age as a waterslide dispatcher.

Ensure your pool complies with all federal, state, county, and city laws and regulations with the help of Euvori.

You've Seen Us Everywhere

Euvori's large footprint translates to extraordinarily reliable service. In the event of employee illness or emergencies, we have a large team of lifeguards and supervisors to pull from to ensure your pool remains operational regardless of what life may throw at us.

Request a Consultation

Request a Consultation

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